Transitioning From Summer To Fall



sumer to fall transitionSummer is coming to an end later this month -- insert sad face! Fall is fun for so many reasons but while the weather is still summer-ish, we’re going to give you some summer season-approved ways to welcome in the fall before the weather changes!

There are a few more weeks to enjoy summer sun so we suggest you keep the camping season of fun going with these awesome activities:

  • Swimming. It’s a great way to cool off -- play some games and splash around with family & friends. When fall turns to winter, swimming will be but just a distant memory.
  • Camp-outs. Yes! Barbecuing, cooking over the open campfire, sitting around chatting with friends. Everything tastes better when it’s cooked outdoors! S’mores, anyone?
  • Late nights. It’s when some of the best memories are made. Stay up past your bedtime -- we dare ya!
  • Family fun. So many activities and adventures are still waiting to be had! Grab the kids, your parents, your neighbors, and your friends -- let’s make more camping memories together.
  • Weekend warriors. School is back in session! That may sound like a bummer, but that just makes our camping weekends that much more exciting! Plan those weekends of fun!

Fall is right around the corner. Autumn leaves, Halloween, and Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING are just a few of the things that fall brings -- and we’re excited for that! But we’re going to soak up summer...every last minute of it!

Call now to book your next camping adventure with us. Swimming, activities, doing ‘nothing’, making memories. What are YOU most looking forward to doing at our resort this month??

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